Logo Conversion, Digitizing and Typesetting Fees

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Logo Conversion, Digitizing and Typesetting Fees
We take your Logo and convert it into formats that can be utilized on our products.

Full Color Graphics & Font Matching
We utilize the top Graphic Design Programs and have an extensive array of Fonts and ClipArt to match or design with.  Conversion between RGB and CMYK formats to match our service bureaus input requirements

  Light Typesetting
Once in our system, we can do light typesetting like adding employee names, changing extension numbers, addresses and the like. 

Business & Post Card Layout
Designs with your logo laid out for Business Cards and Post Cards

✪ Magnet, Banner and Truck Lettering Layout
Designs from your Logo Laid out for Magnets or Truck Lettering

All designs include PDF proofs 

Some artwork pricing is included in the overall cost of larger jobs and initial art charge will be deducted when ordered.